Reliable Connection

Dedicated and reliable phone line for Home/Office.

With AeroCom, earn a discount of Rs. 0.3 per minute for all incoming calls & Rs. 0.3 per 5 minute for all outgoing calls.


  • ZERO line rent
  • Free outgoing calls to Nayatel number in same city
  • Noise free calling
  • 3-Way conference calls
  • Calling line identification (CLI)
  • Call Waiting, Transfer, Forwarding & Barring

Easy Installation

Struggling to find a qualified phone line installation electrician to run a new phone ADSL point in your house or unit? Local Electricians service residential houses and units in all areas. Our phone line installation electrician can run new cable, repair existing cable, connect new ADSL or phone line. If you have a home unit then we can connect, repair and install from the MDF (main distribution frame) located within the unit complex, this includes jumpering of new ADSL service or phone line.